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I am Saad!

Hi, I'm Saad Chammas and welcome to my site. I set this page up to make my showcase my work and make it more accessible to anyone interested in learning more about me. Since completing my Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design at San Diego State University I have spent the last few years evolving as a graphic, web, product and apparel designer. If you would like to find out more about who I am and get into a little more detail about what  I do please head over to the 'About Me' page for more information.  

Who I am

A passionate designer. Fluent in brand, marketing, communications, digital and print design. After delegating between my degree  in graphic design and other art related hobbies for the last 10 years, I’ve become more than I ever thought I could. My work at various design studios has given me the experience and practice I needed to excel in the graphic design field. From re-branding to product design, my work specializes in everyday visual communication. Experience has taught me to never be satisfied and continuously motivates me to excel at what I do.

My Passion

I love design. Good design, that speaks out and grabs my attention visually. My inspiration comes from everything around me. I love typography. Fascinated by every day things most people overlook. I don’t cut corners to finish a job. I stand behind every project I take on. It’s not just your name on the line, it is also mine.

Lets Meet

We can discuss how I can help with your next project or plan a new strategy to improve your current status over a cup of coffee. I am always ready to talk so give me a call.  Or I can even stop by your office or studio to meet with you and to discuss your next project in more detail.  My clients come to me not just for my design work;  Business owners come to me because they know I won’t talk over their heads with confusing  words and jargon, and will help them understand their project and what needs to be done while implementing up to date strategies to get the most bang for their time and money.

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